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Not Resonance, Registers, or Placement.

Instead of defining the voice based on resonance, we look at the voice by how it functions. We call these functions “coordinations.” There are five coordinations that you will hear commercially, and each one produces sound in it’s own way. Using the One Voice technique you strengthen each individual coordination and then teach them to work together. Imagine seamless movement and freedom throughout your voice. Simple.

Training Anywhere.

All certified One Voice Coaches are trained to teach face to face or screen to screen. Thanks to technology you can work with a One Voice Coach anywhere in the world. Whether you’re at home, in the recording studio, or backstage you’ll never have to leave your One Voice Coach behind.

Behind The Curtain.

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Michael Maresca began teaching at the age of eighteen. At age nineteen Michael joined the National Tour of Saturday Night Fever where his met his wife, Marqui. They relocated to Los Angeles, and three months later he joined the Broadway National Tour of Mamma Mia! When Michael was 23, he launched his first formal vocal program online, “The For Starters Program.” Throughout his travels, he has taught thousands of singers, changing both how they understand their voice and how they use it. Now the president of MMOV Studios and creator of the One Voice technique is teaching worldwide online and in person. He seeks for opportunities to expand his knowledge and the knowledge of those he teaches; hoping to give as many vocalists as possible the gift of singing with One Voice.


Faculty: Head of Voice for the Texas State University Musical Theatre Program, Voice Faculty Performing Arts Project, Voice Faculty Broadway Theatre Project 2011, and the Tennessee Arts Academy 2006.

Workshops: Texas State University Musical Theatre Program, International Thespian Festival, Texas State Thespian Festival, Tennessee State Thespian Festival, Missouri Thespian Festival, Denver School of the Arts, Shoreline Community College in Seattle, San Diego Junior Theatre, University of Utah for both the Opera and Musical Theatre Program.


The For Starters Program (first vocal program)

Recent Performance:

The Broadway National Tour of Mamma Mia!, the national tour of Saturday Night Fever, the Las Vegas production of Saturday Night Fever.

For hundreds of years the singing world has worked to develop the tools, theories, and techniques that have brought to where we are today. While there has been success in these approaches, we still see the voice as a mystery. One Voice™ ushers in a new era where science meets singing. The change will make the voice make sense for singers and coaches alike.

Become a Coach.

Help artists worldwide to learn how to sing with freedom, health and knowledge. Being a certified One Voice Coach is not about being the best or perfect, it’s about sharing what you love and what has changed your life vocally. Teaching sessions with singers around the world isn’t just a way to make a living, it’s an amazing opportunity to meet aspiring artists from across the globe. Plus, you get to make your own hours. Life is good as a One Voice Coach.

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The Past. The Present. One Voice.

  The One Voice technique helps singers eliminate their breaks, extend their ranges, and sing healthy.

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Certified One Voice Coaches

Dr. Greg Bolin

Michael Maresca

Creator of One Voice

President of

Texas State University Musical Theatre Program

Head of Voice & Vocal Coach

The Performing Arts Project Vocal Team

Texas Musical Theatre Workshop Faculty

Texas State University Musical Theatre Program

Musical Director & Vocal Coach

Texas Musical Theatre Workshop Faculty


Operas, Musicals, Songwriting, etc.

Music Director

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